Here’s every reason why Cardiff Uni should be your first choice

I mean, it is a capital city

Cardiff Uni is the best. The city has got the views, the nightlife and the weather… well, for approximately two and a half days in June.

It’s a Russell Group

Cardiff is one of the leading universities in the UK. Being the only Russell Group University in Wales, we’re very proud to be amongst the best higher education facilities in the country.

Being part of a Russell Group university will only enhance your career prospects once you graduate, and there’s never anything wrong when you can add something to your CV that looks good, right? Being the home to over 30,000 students, Cardiff must be doing something right.

You can’t go wrong with the halls

Cardiff has a variety of halls ranging from the luxuries of Taly Gate, which is the envy of everyone. When people walk back to their box room in Taly North, there’s always a deep desire to chill out in the living rooms on sofas.  There are some halls closer to town too, such as Senghenydd Court or Colum Hall which is good for quick links into Uni and you can leave your bed just five minutes before your lecture in Julian Hodge – what a treat.

But we all know the King of all halls at Cardiff is Taly South. South isn’t the nicest or the cheapest by any means, but whenever someone says they live anywhere other than Taly South there is always a deep sigh inside. Everyone who wasn’t in South wanted to be there and those who were lucky enough to stay there never wanted to leave. The pastel colours when walking to lectures on a sunny morning shone too. It’s fate.

Freshers in Cardiff is absolutely mad

Cardiff, being a capital city and having some of the best nightlife in the country is always going to draw the attention of a young adult wanting to have a good time. Freshers at Cardiff is the best. You meet so many friendly people as you feel like you’ve known them all your life, not just for a few weeks. The fresher camaraderie is a thing too – living in a house with 63 other people means there’s no way you won’t find a mate, and the house parties are great too.

‘What animal are you going as tonight?’ The question buzzes around halls when discussing the upcoming zoo-themed party at Revs. Yes, there were a lot of zebras.

The scenery is actually really pretty

Even though it’s a city, Cardiff beats most in terms of the views. Whether it’s the Main Building at sunset or Bute Park in the height of Spring, you won’t be short of Instagram-worthy shots wherever you go across the city.

City vibes are banging

You try something new, explore new places and find hidden gems across town. Moving away from home to uni can be nerve-wracking, but getting involved with the locals is a good way forward. I mean, who doesn’t love Cardiff on game day? With Cardiff, it’s both big enough and not too small. It’s got the buzz of a big city with a shopping experience that would rival a major European city, along with historical landmarks like Cardiff Castle. There are also so many places to eat, drink and relax in the centre and its suburbs. Oh and Bingo Lingo is certainly the stuff of legends.

Cathays is a lovable dump

For all of the rubbish that Cathays seems to have, it’s a place of dreams. Everyone is in one place and there is major excitement when you end first year and live in your own house. The house parties that will inevitably happen, complaints from neighbours and thin walls are all essential to the Cathays-living experience. For it’s reputation, we all love it and anyone who says otherwise is lying to themselves. Plus, Cathays is the home to Family Fish, and you’ll never find anything better.

The Wesh Varsity is one of the best in the country

When Cardiff bump heads with Swansea, red clashes with green, and it is undoubtedly the best day of the entire year. Cardiff has been reigning champs since the event first started, but is that really a surprise? I mean, Cardiff was your first choice. The dragon on our flag is also what colour?

All about the Reds

The uni has so many societies on offer

Whether Belly Dancing is your thing or the gaming society, Cardiff has hundreds of societies to keep you busy in your spare time. There are societies that are course-specific too and anyone is welcome. Societies are a great way to find new people, even if you don’t study anything similar or have never done it before. There are also annual balls and trips to places like Madrid and Prague to keep the excitement going.

How Cardiff Uni trumps everyone

Cardiff has it all. The city life, the tranquil greenery and we’re one of the leading universities in the UK. What more could you want?