Keep your bin bags indoors, over 1500 more seagulls are coming to Cardiff

As if we didn’t have enough already

Cardiff will be home to 5,000 seagulls by 2020, warns a pest control company.

The changes comes as part of their annual breeding process, as they return to preferred nesting sites.

Brace yourselves

3,500 seagulls already reside in Cardiff and an increase in numbers will become dangerous for the public, says Darren Barren, a surveyor for NBC Environment.

““It sounds ridiculous but it does create a slip or trip risk which can lead to people really getting hurt.

“We do have records of incidents where there have been gull attacks and they’ve hit people and caused injuries.”

Residents are advised to tackle the problem by depositing waste in the appropriate containers and putting bins out at the correct day/time.

A spokesperson for Cardiff Council added: “So all food waste should be put in to the food caddies, we ask residents to rinse out their recyclable items before they are put them into the green bags and any remaining waste should be disposed of in the red stripped bags or black wheeled bin.”

Good luck everyone, and stay safe out there.