Cardiff’s Swimming and Water Polo Club have lost their beloved wooden spoons

They have been a part of their club for 23 years

Last month the Swimming and Water Polo club at Cardiff University lost their beloved wooden spoons, which had been a part of their club for 23 years.

Rudi Polster unfortunately lost the memorabilia on a messy Wednesday night in February, but he and the team are on the hunt to find the two large wooden spoons, so they can be returned to their rightful home.

The spoons represent a long standing tradition of the team: The Team Junior (or TJ to the club) is a fresher chosen each year that stands out from the rest of his or her peers and gives them the responsibility of being an example to all other freshers both in the pool and the pub.

The name of the TJ is added to the spoons at the end of each year and goes down in history as an example to all new members of the club.

The spoons have massive sentimental value to the club, who are currently training for the  British Universities and Colleges Sports semi-finals. They have been a sacred part of the club for over two decades and the team has lots of great memories with them, especially because they bear the achievements of the oldies who first created them.

The spoons went to every single training session, game, competition and social with the team.

Unfortunately, the spoons were lost on a social on a Wednesday last month. Rudi, who was looking after the spoons, says he was a “little too drunk” and can’t remember what happened to them. He knows the spoons were lost or taken in between Cardiff’s Student Union and Talybont South.

If you find the cherished wooden spoons, or know anyone who may have information, please contact the security in the SU, who will know the spoons belong to the Swim and Water Polo club.

On the tragic event, Rudi has said: “Our spoons represent the traditions of old members and the great things they’ve accomplished and the TJ carries it to remind us of the their great deeds in the hopes that we can live up to them. They’ve gone down all the generations and are greatly missed.”