Meet the Cardiff second year who flew to Cheltenham races in Carol Vorderman’s helicopter

Apparently it was well jokes

Charlotte Lewington, 21, is in her second year at Cadiff Uni studying Philosophy, and she’s also best buddies with Carol Vorderman, so it seems.

Charlotte attended St. Patrick’s Thursday at the Cheltenham Races to celebrate her turning 21 last week, and she ended up getting a swanky ride in with the former Countdown and I’m a Celeb star.

Carol even tweeted about setting off in her helicopter, and Charlotte can be seen on the left, excited for her big day at St Patrick’s Thursday.

Speaking of the trip in the sky, Charlotte says: “My dad knows Carol through Gloucester Airport and as it was my 21st birthday he somehow managed to pull out all the stops and get us a ride. It is literally the most bizzare thing that has happened to me but the best way to finish off my 21st birthday celebrations, despite losing all my money”