Police officer joins group chat whilst bringing drunk housemate back to Cathays

He even changed the guy’s name in the group chat

A Cardiff group chat got an unexpected visitor on Monday night as a police officer spectacularly hijacked it to bring a drunk friend home to safety.

Cameron stumbled home alone after being refused entry to Cirque, but was picked up by police. With Cameron unable to remember his own house number on Woodville Road, the Cathays neighbourhood police officer turned to the one place everyone can rely on: the group chat.

Naturally, when their hammered friend started posting that he was a police officer in the chat, some found it a little hard to believe, labelling it “spooky stuff” and calling “bullshit”. To prove it wasn’t a con, the officer sent them a selfie and changed Cameron’s nickname.

After being posted on Twitter, the incident has been retweeted over 1,000 times and gained 4,000 likes. The Tab spoke to those involved.

At first, the members of the chat reacted with scepticism at the friendly officer’s message, which asked their house number as their drunken friend had forgotten.

No stranger to the importance of evidence, the police officer proved himself with a quick selfie – to the surprise of some members of the chat.

To top it off, he also gave his charge a new name in the chat – “Such a VIP he has a police escort.”

For any hardcore disbelievers who still think this might be an elaborate prank, check out the officer’s sleeve, emblazoned with “Heddlu”, the Welsh word for police.

We spoke to Lawrence, a Human Geography second year, and the housemate who tweeted the photos. “My housemate Cam has a few too many drinks before Cirque and was refused entry.”

After leaving the SU, Cam encountered some police officers. “On his stumble home he was found by the police who couldn’t communicate with him so resorted to using his phone to find where he lives,” says Lawrence.

The squad, all together

“Everyone was still at Cirque but some other friends went round to check on him. The police were great.”

Lawrence was impressed with the care the police took, telling me that “it would have been a busy night for the police so none of us actually spoke to him, although I’d love to meet him over a brew because it’s hilarious.”

And as for Cam’s new group chat name, it “will stay until eternity.”

Cam himself gave only this comment: “I’d tell you what happened but I don’t remember anything.”

Photo credits: Lawrence Court