Things you’ll know to be true if you’ve ever worked as a barista

You are a next-level caffeine fiend

Self-control flies out the window when you have unlimited access to free coffee at the tip of your fingers. You will drink enough coffee until you feel as if you’re capable of walking through walls or until you collapse. Whichever one comes first.

Latte art is not as easy as it looks

Everyone seems to think that if you’re a good artist, you’ll be a pro at latte art – not necessarily. It has way more to do with the milk temperature and texture than artistic skills. You’ll try your best to make a pretty little leaf on top of the coffee and spend ages taking pictures of it afterwards if we succeed but if we fail, we’ll stick a lid on the cup as quickly as possible hoping no one saw the sad little latte swirls.

You’ll never fully understand the logic behind ordering three different syrups and a hot chocolate but then asking for “skinny milk”

If you order a dark hot chocolate with caramel and vanilla syrup with chocolate powder and marshmallows, is there any point in getting “skinny milk”? Girlfriend, you might as well treat yo self.

Regulars with the same order at the same time everyday are absolute babes

Jim Bob orders a cappuccino with two sugars, Jen orders a Chai with extra cinnamon, and they both always walk in with the biggest smiles. Nothing cheers us up at 7am in the morning like the trusty regulars who come in with new exciting stories to wake us up with. Extra points if they’re super patient during busy hours.

Morning shifts are death

Because we have to open up shop at the crack of dawn before anyone else’s alarm has even dared to go off, our morning shifts usually begin between 7-8am. The only way to cope is to down two double espressos the second you get to work. No one wants a half-asleep zombie serving them coffee in the morning.

Everyone thinks you’re a pretentious coffee-loving hipster

We’re really not that bad…when you work in a cafe for a long time, you just become a bit picky about your coffee and you tend to remind your friends of our coffee knowledge every chance you get. It’s no longer just a drink, it’s a hobby and anyone who shares that hobby is your new best friend. But that doesn’t make us pretentious, right?

Mate, this isn’t an americano, it’s a V60

You’ve realised that most people can’t actually tell the difference between a latte and cappuccino or caramel and vanilla syrup

Did I just serve you the latte you ordered or did I mess up and give you a cappuccino? Shh, you’ll never know… probably.

People who ask for their coffees to be “extra hot” don’t get it

It doesn’t work like that. If I heat the milk any longer it’ll mess up the temperature and your cappuccino will turn into a foamy milk bubble and no one wants that.

People who ignore the closed sign are the bane of your life

All the lights are off, there’s no one else inside, you’ve turned the sign to ‘closed’ and you’ve mopped up the floors and who walks in? A confused customer in need of a caffeine boost. If they had only read the sign, it would have saved both of you guys the awkward encounter. You feel bad kicking customers out or turning them away but hey, you’ve eventually got to go home too.

It’s definitely the best part-time job a student can have

Unlike working in a pub, you never have to deal with an angry drunks at the bar. Most people who come into coffee shops are in good moods and will chat with you about their day and ask about yours. Barista work pays relatively well and you’ve got unlimited access to good coffee right in front of you. Honestly, it doesn’t even feel like a job.