Sorry, but Cardiff is actually the bae of the Russell Group

We’ve done our research

Over the years, Cardiff University, the heart of the Welsh Capital, has received a torrent of abuse asking whether we actually belong in the prestigious Russell Group. Well, if you ask our REF ranking, we’re actually the most bae university, knocking out paper after quality paper whilst admiring Leigh Halfpenny’s thighs.

From Cannabis use to climate change, Cardiff Uni knows what it’s doing when it comes to research, which last I heard was what the Russell Group required? Only in the last week alone, the school of journalism was world recognised, as the 34th best school in the world for journalism and media, and the 4th best in Europe. Yeah

Sir Martin Evans, pictured trying to figure out why Cardiff gets so much stick

“Advancing the fight against Alzheimer’s, working with NASA to explore space and shaping the society in which we live; our researchers are making a real difference,” say the University.

“We’re ranked 2nd nationally for the impact of our research and are among the top 5 universities in the UK for research excellence.”

It’s been a rocky few years since the 2008 crash, yet our man Professor Patrick Minford has been influencing policy, and lately slagging off the chancellor, Phillip Hammond, and his approach to the Brexit economy.

It’s laminated so it’s definitely true

Meanwhile, Dr Lisa El Refaie has been helping to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS through visual learning to South African teenagers. Those involved had started to open up about life with the disease after getting a better understanding, and in doing so have become less ostracised within their community.

Professor Alison Kemp and Dr Sabine Maguire have also led a pioneering research programme documenting and the scientific basis for more reliable clinical assessments of child abuse and neglect. A major step in the fight against child abuse.

So once again, this Welsh Dragon is actually the bae of the Russell Group, carrying out pioneering research that has an impact on lives at home and abroad. Keep it up lads, absolutely nailing it.