Jailbreak 2017 winners made it to Cyprus

The winning team broke the Cardiff record

Jailbreak, the annual charity hitchhike run by Cardiff Volunteering, took place this weekend. Each team had 52 hours to get as far away from Cardiff as possible, and back again, without spending any money to do it.

Last year, teams made it to places like Amsterdam, Austria and Belgium, with the winning team managing to get to Istanbul.

This year’s winning team, ‘Team YOLO’, broke the record by making it all the way to Cyprus and back within the time frame.

Other teams got to Spain, France and the Isle of Man.

their journeys were tracked non-stop by basecamp at the SU

‘Team LOST’ made it to Alicante in Spain, and were the first team to make it back to basecamp. We asked them what their strategy was, and team member Luke said:

“We had planned on reaching out to companies for sponsorship in return for advertisement, then to buy flights or buses from London.”

Another team member, Molly, said:

“We got some really generous donations from companies such as Key Let, The Vulcan and TopDeck Travel and lots of kind people.

We managed to blag lifts to London and book the cheapest flights we could find. It was tiring but a blast!”

Over the course of the weekend, the teams were also sent a series of text challenges to complete for prizes, for example, to get a photo of the funniest street sign you could find, get a photo with a policeman, or to re-enact a movie scene.

One team responded with this hilarious remake of a James Bond scene from Casino Royale, which you can watch here: