There has been a petition created to lower the cost of VKs in the SU to £1

It was created by two first years

A petition has been created to lower the cost of VKs at Cardiff University’s Students’ Union to £1.

First years Tokes Sawyerr and Ellen Ainger came up with the idea, writing in the description: “It is mental how much VK’s cost in the SU – £2.60!!! At Bristol they cost £1!!! This is meant to be a student bar and a non profit organisation!! Where is the money going?!?”

Tokes (middle) and Ellen (left) sipping the lord’s holy nectar

Tokes, who studies Medicine at Cardiff University, said: “We came up with the idea after checking our bank statements this morning and being £30 down on VKs.

“We also heard from one of our flatmate’s friends who works at the bar that they made over £700,000 in one night.

“You can buy bottles from the supermarket for so cheap. At Live Lounge and Bristol they’re only £1 so why should we pay so much more?

“Even though we started it as a joke the petition broke 100 signatures in the first hour.”

Viva la revolution.