Revealed: The best VK flavour, officially

At least you tried, Strawberry and Lime

After having to make the most intense decision of your lives, your favourite VK flavour can officially be revealed.

The winner of the poll, with a wonderful 246 votes was Orange and Passionfruit. It was a comfortable win with no other flavour coming remotely close to even contest with the winner. Second place Blue only picked up 75 votes, 171 votes off the winner.

It was a close call between third and fourth with Apple and Mango racking up 57 votes and Tropical, 4 points behind with 53.

An unsurprising result given people buy two at a time

The surprise result came from the Ice VK after it failed to make the top 3, coming in 5th place with only 42 votes.

And last and clearly least favourite was Strawberry and Lime. Earning 15 votes,it didn’t even manage to get to the 20’s.

But honestly, I doubt many of us were be shocked by the result mainly because orange and passionfruit is one of the only flavours that actually tastes good when you drink it and I guess that’s the only thing that matters.

So well done Orange VK. You’re now the reigning VK flavour champion.