Cardiff’s Maddest Fresher: THE FINAL

Choose your maddest winner

So here it is. The finale: you can finally choose your winner.

For the last month we’ve asked you to nominate your mates to be in with the chance to be crowned Cardiff’s Maddest Fresher. The criteria? Well, basically the most mental mate you have, the one who causes havoc wherever they go.

We had loads of nominations, and we’ve had heats, in which three freshers in particular have come out victorious. This is your last chance to have your say, to vote the most mental legend Cardiff has to offer.

Here they are, your final nominees.

Ben Dwyer

This Cardiff Met fresher had a number of nominations flood the system. The Sports Science lad, nicknamed Ben ‘The Sesh’ Dwyer, has racked up several feats in his first year as a fresher in Cardiff, according to his all-admiring friends.

Why is he mad? Well, Ben’s love for holding house parties which host over 200 people, and never missing a Shang in his first year are accomplishments enough. His friends love him most, though, for his ability to make it out as the only Fresher in his rugby initiation, pull in Soda, go home with the girl, and then go back to Soda and pull again.

Even after going out 12 nights in a row in Freshers, and four or five times a week since, it seems this frisky fresher just can’t stop.

All of Ben’s full antics are here.

Jess Williams

Ever since being threatened with eviction from her own accommodation for flashing to ground floor flats, this Maths fresher has a reputation for being a bit of a handful. Adding to this, she has also been escorted out of and banned from Treforest campus.

She’s been banned from Ladybird, kicked out of Soda, chucked out of Tiger Tiger, and then to top it all off sung ‘Club Can’t Handle Me’ to the bouncer after being chucked out. Not only this, but Jess has taken her vocal talents to the Alcohol Treatment Centre, too, singing the ‘wheels on the bus’ all the way on the drunk bus. For this fresher, singing goes hand in hand with trouble.

Of course, no trouble maker is complete without a trusty side kick, and Jess’ comes in an incredibly fun form, depending on your preferences. This free-spirited fresher will never be seen without Courtney, her trusty dildo, which whom she takes everywhere with her.

All of Jess’ full antics are here.

So, who’s the maddest fresher in Cardiff? For the last time, make your choice.

Choose your winner: