All the reasons why Cardiff is literally the worst place to live, ever

Just move already

People rave about the capital of Wales. I don’t really know why. It’s got a stadium, castle, decent university, some okay parks. It’s even got a bay, urgh.

It’s honestly the worst place to live. Here’s why.

It’s got ugly buildings

City Hall looking particularly nice today ☀️

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The parks aren’t very well kept

See, disgraceful


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So many nice tulips in Bute park ?

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People take pictures of this all. the. time.

I’ve seen better views

☀️☀️☀️??? #butepark #cardiff #rivertaff #sophiagardens #sunnyday

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Someone should knock this old mess down

Spot Kelly ?? ?? #cardiffcastle #tourist #history #uktour

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I wouldn’t bother going inside

The Arab room in Cardiff castle is awesome

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Nothing goes on there anyway

Don’t know what goes on here

It never sounds that fun anyway tbh from what I hear

Everyone’s mad for a sport where you throw the ball backwards

Come on Cymru!

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The whole city goes into shut down

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The walls are covered in this stuff

? #cardiff #cardiffstreetart #northcotelane #paintedwalls

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"Love your Master" #cardiff #streetart #cardiffstreetart #wales #grafittiart

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The nightlife is below par

Cardiff you were amazing! Until next time.

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There’s nothing to do except

This festival

So 2 weeks ago already…. Where has the ☀️ gone…

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X Fest ⭐️

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Or this food festival at the Bay

Strawberry sorbet fun at the cardiff food festival over the weekend. #cardiffbay #cardiffbayfoodfestival

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Or sometimes there are some lowkey events

#cityoftheunexpected #cardiff #caerdydd

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Or the Street Food Circus

Street food circus #sophiagardens #streetfood #festival

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Then there are these eyesores

#millleniumcentre #wales #cardiff #cardiffbay #art #capital #city

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Why people wanna go here is baffling

It’s really hard to find a good breakfast

Yum yum pig's bum

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Or a good cocktail

Sunday ?

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There’s not enough places to go for pudding tbh

Go to #Cardiff for one day, and this happens #wales #welshcakes

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Cathays is rubbish

One of the benefits of being an early bird. #riseandgrind #cathays #sunrise

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The shops aren’t very varied…

You have to go trail round here

Or I guess you can shop round here

Gooood morning #Cardiff!

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Finally, people are in love with this thing

And insist on doing this

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