An SU election candidate recreated Trainspotting’s opening scene for his campaign video


Tom Morris, studying Journalism and Sociology in his final year, has captured the essence of Trainspotting for his election debut.

The video, dubbed ‘Tomspotting’, copies the original opening scene almost identically and is filmed shot for shot.

Similarly to the original’s “choose life, choose Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and hope that someone, somewhere, cares”, the candidate running for VP Societies at Cardiff University began his video with the phrases “choose uni, choose Cardiff, choose a subject, choose modules, choose first year accommodation, choose nights at Y Plas”.

The video ends with Tom lying on the floor saying “there are lots of reasons. But who needs reasons when you’ve got Tom?”

Speaking about his campaign, the candidate said: “‘I’ve been doing the society pages on Gair Rhydd and just been a big fan of all the Union stuff ever since coming to Cardiff.”

On how he came up with the idea for the trailer, Tom commented: “‘I’ve just been really into Trainspotting recently because of the sequel coming out, and had been discussing with my friends about what we could do for a campaign video.”

“We actually saw a guy running for election in York Uni who has done a ‘choose life’ speech halfway through editing, but it’s not shot for shot like ours is.”

“I’ve always liked films but really started to love them when I joined film society in first year.”

You can visit Tom’s manifesto page here.