‘Stop Trump’ protest to take place on Queen Street tonight

The demonstration is part of a nationwide day of action to defend migrants

On the same day that Parliament debates Donald Trump’s potential state visit, a second ‘Stop Trump’ protest is being held on Cardiff’s Queen Street at 6pm tonight.

One of a series of nationwide events, the event also falls on the ‘One Day Without Us’ national day of action, which expresses solidarity with migrants.

Tonight’s protest will speak to broader themes of global unity and solidarity.

Last month’s protest in Cardiff saw thousands take to Queen Street

The event is hosted by the group ‘Stop Trump – Defend Migrants – Cardiff Action’ and calls for “a nationwide day of action to stand up and say no to the future of hatred, racism and division that Donald Trump is trying to create – and to say no to the disgraceful complicity of Theresa May and the British government in supporting him.”

Why are people in Britain protesting Trump?

January’s demonstration came in the wake of Trump’s controversial travel ban and Theresa May’s invitation of a state visit.

A petition against the visit gained over 1.8 million signatures online, whilst a petition in support gained just over 300,000.

State visits are an honour not extended to all US presidents. Barack Obama waited three years before receiving one, and it is common for leaders to visit and discuss policy without meeting the Royal Family.

Those protesting argue that eagerness to welcome Trump shows endorsement of his inflammatory rhetoric and controversial stance on migrants.

On the other side, some praise May for her pragmatic approach to diplomacy, highlighting the need for closeness to America in striking post-Brexit trade deals, as well as the ongoing bond of the special relationship. However, this appears to be at odds with Trump’s ‘Buy American, Hire American’ philosophy.