Cardiff’s Maddest Fresher: Heat two

Choose wisely

Within the past week we have provided you with three more potential winners for our maddest fresher competition. But who deserves to go through to the finals?

They are the kind of person who you don’t know personally, yet everyone always seems to find out about their intoxicated adventures along the university grapevine, whether it be through your course, flatmates or societies. You hear their story and, deep down, want to be their acquaintance just to witness if the rumours are actually true – is it all just an exaggeration? Or is someone really willing to do something that shocking and disgusting?

If you can think of anyone that fits this criteria then nominate them to [email protected], or message the Tab Cardiff’s Facebook page.

But firstly, who should win heat two? Here is a recap of each nominee, pick the wildest and vote for your favourite.

Jess Williams

Ever since being threatened with eviction from her own accommodation for flashing to ground floor flats, this Maths fresher has a reputation for being a bit of a handful. Adding to this, she has also been escorted out of and banned from Treforest campus.

She’s been banned from Ladybird, kicked out of Soda, chucked out of Tiger Tiger, and then to top it all off sung ‘Club Can’t Handle Me’ to the bouncer after being chucked out.

Jess has taken her vocal talents to the Alcohol Treatment Centre, too, singing the ‘wheels on the bus’ all the way on the drunk bus. For this fresher, singing goes hand in hand with trouble.

Amy Turner

The University of South Wales Performance and Media student, who is now a second year, has woken up in two different countries twice after a night out.

Amy blew her £2,000 overdraft on a flight for her and a friend and also headed on a megabus to London whilst phoning her boss to tell him she had the shits.

She has been in A & E three times after a night out this year and, whilst in Walkabout, burnt her best friend’s boyfriend’s eyeball with a cigarette.

Omar Gamgum

This wild fresher ate sick from the football team’s group bucket to make the cut, after losing a forfeit.

He has drunkenly spent seventy pounds returning to his student home requesting a replacement key – a grand total of six times since September.

He enjoys melting baking trays to oven racks before eating half-cooked pizza, and sleeping under or on the stairs outside his flat. Being labelled the biggest lightweight on campus, he is very well known amongst the first years for not handling his drink very well.

Who do you think should make it to the finals? Cast your vote here.