Everything you know if you have to work a match day

Beer, rowdy fans and lots of layers

Huddled outside the Principality Stadium looking like lost sheep in our matching black uniforms, no one really knows anyone but by the end of the shift your basically a little family.

You are all in this together so you look out for one another and try and make it as much fun as possible aka lots of banter and flirting whilst a monumental rugby game is being played right under your nose.

Here’s everything you’ll know if you’ve had to work a match day.

It’s fucking freezing

No amount of layers can prepare you for the cold – it’s beyond freezing. Two shirts, two jumpers and a coat will still make you feel like your where are going to fall off. Drunken ticket-holders will comment on how cold you must be, just in case you had forgotten.

yes we freezing, thank you for pointing it out

Everyone is smashed

Even on the walk into work it is clear that the majority of Cardiff had been bevving since the early hours. Most people you serve are drunk before kick off and after that it only gets worse. With drunken fans getting rowdy, drinks being spilled and tragic attempts at flirting mixed in with tasteless jokes, half time is nothing less than manic. However most people are too drunk to rush back to their seats, adopting a drunken stumble instead.

The atmosphere is buzzing

It doesn’t take much to set off a chant or get the crowd singing and there is a general buzz of anticipation around the stadium. There is something about being there and part of the action, being able to peep around and have an incredible view of the pitch or being able to hear the action live as it happens. Kind of makes running around and throwing pints at people worth it.

You will end up drenched in beer

You’ll return home a sticky mess and will probably smell like a brewery for the next week, not to mention your shoes and the bottom of your trousers are wrecked. The beers just keep on flowing and at no point were the taps turned off.

Everyone is jealous you’re at the match, even if you’re working

All of your friends who couldn’t get tickets are envious. Even though you are working you still are at the game, even though you barely catch any of it. At end of day you spend what you earn on the night out after celebrating, or in some cases commiserating.

By the end of it your feet ache and you smell like beer, but it was all worth it.