We asked Welsh and English rugby fans to describe each other in three words

“There’s a quite a few things we’d like to say”

Before yesterday’s Wales vs England Six Nations clash, we went around the streets outside the Principality Stadium and asked the rowdy ticket-holders if they could sum up the other side’s fans in three words. This is what they had to say.

Zoe, England

“Welsh fans are very vocal, extremely passionate and are all completely nuts!”

Brenda (left) and Margaret (right), Wales

 “Let’s see. They’re very noisy and annoying, well there’s quite a few things we’d like to say! Nah they’re not that bad”

Jen (left) and Ceryn (right), Wales


“We think English fans are patriotic, all have small man syndrome, and are shit! Actually wait no not shit maybe that’s too harsh”

Amanda, England

“Welsh fans are fun, exuberant and rat-arsed!”

Welsh supporter James (right), and his friends who wanted to be in the photo to “show their support”. Cute.

“All the English fans are ugly posh rahrah’s”

Amy, Wales

“Let’s see. The English fans are disengaged, unapproachable losers”

Extra brownie points for the brutal honesty, Amy.

Super cool Welsh brothers Peter (left) and John (right) 

Seriously though boys, you won’t ever be needing those sunglasses in Cardiff

“English fans are overly happy losers from across the border, but let’s just say they won’t be happy for long”

Alice, Wales


“English fans are tolerant, reserved, and a bit too cocky”

Chris, Wales

Apparently all his friends call him crispy

“English fans may be overconfident, but are always good-natured and friendly”

Welsh fan Cathy (left) and English fan Sarah (right)


Welsh fan Cathy said “the English are very drunk, good spirited and had better be worried!”,

English supporter Sarah graciously branded the Welsh “friendly, thoughtful drunks”

Seems to be a common theme there, guys.