How to have the perfect Valentine’s Day in Cardiff


The big day is fast approaching, and I bet there’s more than a few of you out there who have either forgotten Valentine’s Day exists or are low-key freaking out over what to do. Romance isn’t rocket science, though. You can make practically anything romantic with a few candles and some rose petals, from a scented bubble bath to Domino’s in bed, but in case you’re still stuck here’s a handy guide on surviving the day.

Start with food

Start as you mean to go on: steer clear of the dog house by impressing early with breakfast in bed. Make this shit as insta-worthy as possible because if you don’t post it on Instagram, did it even happen?

Hole in one, 50 points

I’m talking avocado slices in heart shapes and rashers of bacon that spell out ‘I love you’ topped off with a bottle of something sparkling. For a guaranteed win, a selection of gourmet goods from the darling Lidl’s bakery will get you in the good books. If you’re feeling lazy, Cafe 37 is also a good shout.

Go for a romantic “picnic”

Okay, we appreciate that this is Cardiff and the weather is shit 99% of the time, so the chances of you getting to lounge around in Bute Park feeding each other grapes is next to nil. There’s nothing more romantic than a picnic though, even if it is indoors. It requires effort but not necessarily any cooking ability, so all useless chefs listen up.

On second thoughts candles on the bed are probably a fire hazard

You can stick with Lidl or upgrade to M&S, who have a great range of fancy snackfoods, or even go DIY if you’re feeling brave. If the weather does brighten up, take advantage and head down to Bute or Roath – the latter having the advantage of a lake and also a café you can run into if the heavens open halfway through.

Sing your heart out

It started out with a kiss how did it end up like this

Put yourself out there Live Lounge style and sing like it’s the end of the night and Mr Brightside has just come on. You don’t have to be Tom Jones, because nothing expresses love like a powerful ballad with more cheese than a fancy deli. Away from the judgemental eyes of the lads, embrace the mush. Your partner will appreciate you wearing your heart on your sleeve or at the very least they’ll get a good laugh out of it.

Have more food 

Cardiff is a heaven for restaurants and you are truly spoilt for choice, from 29 Park Place to Giovanni’s, Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to finally go to dinner at one of those places you’ve been eyeing up for ages. And for the love of god, don’t bloody go to Nando’s. If eating out is out of your budget, pretty much every supermarket in town is doing some kind of dine in for two offer; pick one up and put on a candlelit dinner with all the comforts of home.

Netflix and Chill (minus the Netflix)

Safety first, please

Let’s be honest, there comes a point where you get just a bit too comfortable with your partner. This is the perfect excuse to brush the dust off your razor, find that Ann Summers lingerie you’ve got stuffed in the back of your sock drawer and bring a little bit of spice back into your lives.


The ultimate trump card is the romantic getaway. Whether you whisk them away right there and then or reveal a trip booked for a later date, this has a 100% guaranteed success rate and will earn you about a billion brownie points.

Throwback to our romantic trip to Sin City

It doesn’t have to be far-flung or five-stars at the Ritz; even a weekend away in the Brecon Beacons will feel special.


If you’re going down the flowers/chocolates route, make sure their his/her favourites; the more thoughtful your presents are, the more they will be appreciated. You don’t have to spend a penny either. Something simple and heartfelt, like a letter, will often make the biggest impression.

And that’s just the thing: as long as you make the day special, there’s nothing really that can go wrong.