Match day is the best thing about going to Cardiff Uni

Big hits, big game, big socials

Tomorrow, England are in town as they play at the Principality in the Six Nations. One of the fiercest rivalries in sport, the entire nation will be gripped by Saturday’s match between the dragon and the red rose.

Yet despite the result, the entire event is one of the best things at uni and if you don’t have tickets already, then the women’s games at Arms Park and the Autumn Internationals should be on your uni bucket list.

The Atmosphere

Cardiff on game day is like no other time of the year. The city centre swells to capacity as thousands of Welsh fans fuelled by pints of Brains, descend upon the capital (and a few English people too.) Every pub, bar and anywhere that sells alcohol and has a TV will be rammed.

But it’s this buzz about the city that gets going during the day as you get closer to kick off. The anticipation and drama that then ensues leaves the city in a state of tipsy excitement. The stadium itself is electric and may be the most Welsh place in Wales for 80 minutes or so. The national anthem is rousing, even if you’re English and don’t have a clue what’s going on. As the fire cannons go off and the ref blows his whistle, an entire nation is gripped by the events just a mile from the university campus.


National pride in sport may be the one thing that fuels every nation to do better each year. When your countries are only split by the River Severn, the rivalry is as fierce as it gets.

At uni it becomes ever more apparent, when you emerge out of your room wearing your white England top and your flatmate across has their room draped in red, green and an actual dragon guards their door. Oh to get one up on them, even more so if you’re in a relationship. Not often can an argument be settled without either of you saying a word.


Along with the Six Nations, comes the Six Nations socials. A Wednesday evening with the same usual drunken debauchery but for some reason you’re wearing an Ireland shirt and or have learnt the words to Flower of Scotland. Your weekends will be booked for those five games, as in no way are you going to miss the chance of beating your neighbour. Every club in town is packed, and hopefully, the match result will ease your hangover on Sunday.

Whatever the result, match-day in Cardiff is bloody awesome and no better than when England are playing.

God Save the Queen. Diolch.