I’m English but I’m supporting Wales in the Six Nations

Don’t judge me

Now that rugby season is upon us once again, let’s get one thing straight: it’s perfectly okay to support Wales even though you’re English.

Personally, I’ve often born the brunt of criticism when I’ve revealed to friends and people I know that I’m supporting Wales in the Six Nations.  The outraged retort, “But you’re English, not Welsh!” has often been followed by a lecture on how I’ve betrayed England, and that I should be more patriotic and loyal to my country of birth.

The fact of the matter is, I’m supporting Wales whether you like it or not. I even have logical reasons to back this up.

It’s not really in my blood

Despite being born in good, old Bath, my mum is American and my dad was born in Edinburgh, so I feel like it’s really not an act of betrayal at all to support Wales in the Six Nations considering I’m probably less English than one would first think.

Cardiff is the city where I grew to love the sport

Before I came to Cardiff Uni, I never had much interest in rugby. I don’t think I’d even watched a rugby game live on TV before. However, living in Cardiff, which is full of rugby experts, soon gave me enthusiasm for the game and made me appreciate going down to the pub to watch the match live with a pint.

Why would I support England when I’ve never had this interest before and it’s only really developed when going to uni in Wales? It would be like sticking a finger up to Wales and all it’s taught me. And why would I not want to support the city which I’ve grown to love?  Therefore, it only really seems appropriate to cheer on the Welsh rugby team as a result.

The Welsh really do hate English supporters

He made a mistake

It’s surely the logical solution anyway: if you support England in Wales it’s a lose-lose situation. If England win, you’re bound to get numerous dirty looks and drunkards starting on you. If England lose, you just get the piss taken out of you all night.  Don’t even think about wearing that England shirt to the club. I speak from experience.

The players are fitter

I’ll give you Owen Farrell, but that doesn’t even compare to the plethora of players Wales has to offer. George North, Jonathan Davies, Leigh Halfpenny – the list continues and outranks the English lads.

It just looks better

To be superficial, the Welsh rugby shirt is just so much nicer than an English one. Red appeals to the eye so much more than the bland white. Plus, Wales supporters get to wear daffodils on their heads and hold flags with dragons on them. Can’t say that about the English supporters, can we?

Because red is best

I’m not the only one that feels this way. Poppy, a Law and Politics third year states, “I’m English but choosing to support Wales because my Welsh grandparents bought my ticket to Wales v England.”

So roll on Wales vs England, and come on Wales!