We asked vegans how they’re coping with the veg crisis

Somebody think of the poor vegans

The Doomsday Clock is set to move further to midnight as panic-buying and inflation take hold in British supermarkets. Following last month’s courgette crisis, the shortage has now spread to broccoli and iceberg lettuce, in what some are now branding a full blown veg crisis.

Tesco brought back rationing, limiting customers to three iceberg lettuces each. Prices soared as Lidl hiked the cost of lettuce from 42p to £1.19. The culprit? Cold weather in Spain.

First they came for the courgettes, and I did not speak because courgettes are kind of gross. Then they came for the broccoli and iceberg lettuces, and I spoke to vegans.

Is it the end of days, or just a return to eating seasonal produce? Can we find a way to blame Trump for this?

Alice, Psychology third year

“I feel worried about my iron intake because I do rely on broccoli a lot for that. Now that is in danger, so I’m either gonna have to go and buy loads of iron supplements or start eating meat or die.”

Alice, in happier days of abundant veg

“I think meat eaters should only eat meat from now on so that we don’t have to adapt our diets too much.”

“In all seriousness, we should try to eat seasonal veg.

Reid, Criminology third year

“Iceberg lettuce doesn’t phase me, but broccoli? Ouch.”

Reid offered me £6.50 for this. I refused, safe in the knowledge it will become a collector’s item.

“I need broccoli for iron, I’m scared. I think it’s a conspiracy. Pharmaceuticals just want to make more off tablets.”

Rowan, English third year

“I knew something was up when I saw all the empty shelves of vegetables at Lidl, then my worries were confirmed when BBC news announced the crisis. I feel truly concerned about getting my five a day when courgetti is off the menu.

The mere sight of this pre-crisis lettuce was enough to move Rowan to tears

“Lettuce is a staple of my diet so I’m struggling to get through this hard time. But I’ve heard rumours of a black market emerging so I may do my shopping there.”

Phia, English second year

I don’t really buy veg that is grown abroad, as part of my whole ethos surrounding food is to be mindful of the environment. I think it’s critical that in light of this ‘veg crisis,’ we should all start sourcing seasonal, local produce to reduce our carbon footprint and to support local producers, of which there re many in Cardiff.”

“We are able to grow a variety of fruit and veg here in Britain. Hopefully this will be a wake up call and more people will give it a go.”

“It won’t really affect me and I think we should all support local instead of paying supermarkets for tiny vegetables that are covered in chemicals and packaging.”

Beth, English fresher

“I don’t think I’ll cope. I don’t think anything will be the same again because literally all three of my favourite veggies – mainly broccoli – are at risk.”

“I suppose I could always try kale but it’s just not the same.”

“At first I was really shocked, and now i just feel miserable. I actually contacted my friends back home and we all had a good mope about it – it’s devastating.”