Cardiff’s Maddest Fresher: the first nominee

Roll up, roll up

Everyone looks back on first year fondly. Well, everyone except these guys, who won’t remember it at all. Whilst second and third years are slogging it out in the library, legends are being born in halls. The Tab Cardiff are here to bring you first year’s finest, but only one can be crowned Cardiff’s Maddest Fresher.

What makes a maddest fresher? Anything from doing something legendary on a night out to turning up to your lecture looking banging, still in their fancy dress from last night. They’re the type of people that, when you hear a story about them, you say, “That’s classic.” The kind of things that make people weep for the youth of today.

Nominations are still open, and you can nominate your pick for maddest fresher by sending a detailed description of their antics, along with photos of them in their full depraved glory to [email protected], or message The Tab Cardiff’s Facebook page.

To kick things off, we’ve got a strong contender.

Nick McCarthy

You will begin to notice a theme in these pictures

Self proclaimed ‘King of Taly South’ Nick McCarthy was nominated by two different friends, who believe his fresher antics are more than deserving of the Maddest Fresher title.

Nick’s road to notoriety has been winding and incoherent, as you’d expect from someone drinking like it’s a full time job. Some might call it quits after a couple of consecutive nights out, but not Nick, who can boast of racking up an impressive, if not exhausting, twelve nights out in two weeks.

Having a pres shut down by security is bread and butter stuff for any budding mad fresher, so it almost goes without saying that Nick has had one or two cocktail soirees interrupted by university staff.

Three guesses where this is – it rhymes with bless you

Over-indulgence can have its price though, and Nick now affords the sesh the respect it deserves after giving himself concussion at pre-drinks on his shower.

Whilst some freshers take a bit of time to really get to grips with what it means to be a Cardiff student, Nick has had no such problems, with his friends describing him as “a VK addicted sesh head”. If this all sounds like hyperbole and conjecture, let us introduce some statistics into the mix. Since October, Nick has got 28,000 yoyo points at the Students’ Union.

It should be abundantly clear by now what this fresher loves

When all is sesh and done, Nick is a faithful guy. He doesn’t find himself somewhere different at the end of every night. No, this mad fresher is loyal to Fattoush. It’s been called his second home.

Despite all this, he’s not a write off to society yet. Working hard towards a Civil Engineering degree, his friends assure us that he still somehow manages to make the majority of his 9am lectures.

Do you know a fresher living first year to the full? Nominate them to [email protected], or message the Tab Cardiff’s Facebook page.