BREAKING: Inflatable parrot kidnapped from second year party

Who would do such a thing?

In the life of a journalist, there are many highs and lows. Today is one my worse days as I am sad to report the sad loss of Victor the Parrot. A loving fellow, Victor the Parrot was the heart of any party. Red, black and kind all over this Macaw, had the flight of his life over the past few days, culminating, unfortunately, in his sad passing.

Victor in his natural habitat prior to his untimely passing

Victor was said to be a bird of many colours from those that knew him. Never afraid to offer a wing cry on, but always a top squawker.

According to Victor’s owner and best friend Chloe, a second year Business Management student, Victor “was cruelly taken from our party”. Upon his return, he was in a state of disrepair, and despite the best efforts of medics on the scene, Victor was unable to make it to the week after. Chloe and her fellow five housemates are said to be in a state of grief and appreciate all the support they have been receiving over the loss of Victor.

The Murder Wound

Detectives have been on the scene and, after various interviews, D.I. Talon has an idea of who the bird-nappers were. Their motives were unclear, as no ransom note was left. If you do have any information, over the kidnapping of Victor the Parrot, the Tab will be taking all information any possible witnesses have.

RIP Victor x