Varsity is ‘planned to be’ in Cardiff this year

According to the AU Sports Coordinator

It seems that Varsity will be held in Cardiff this year, according to an email sent by the Athletic Union Sports Club Coordinator, Emma Fitzpatrick.

The email was sent to all Sport Club Presidents this afternoon, and said: “As I’m sure some of you have heard already, Varsity is planned to be in Cardiff this year.”

It also read: “We would like Presidents/Committees to be involved in the organising of your sports, as it is a great opportunity to shape the Varsity and make it better.”

The plan will be a change to previous years, where Swansea has regularly hosted the sporting event.

The Tab Cardiff contacted VP Sport & AU President Elin Harding for comment, who said: “Unfortunately it hasn’t been confirmed either way and will be released in the next few weeks when contracts have been signed.”

Yet according to emails it appears Welsh Varsity 2017 will be held in Cardiff.