Every reason why we bow down to Revs Tuesdays

Thank god it’s back

Last night, the news left us shaking our heads in disbelief when it was confirmed that there would be no more Revs Tuesdays.  Sync announced their new Tuesday night venue, Tiger Tiger, leaving us with a Revs shaped whole in our heart.

But then, to add to the emotional rollercoaster we were already riding on, Revs announced today their new Tuesday night with organisers, Mode, aptly named ‘Revolution Tuesdays’.

So in homage of the iconic night, we’ve put together a list of things why we fucking love Revs Tuesdays. Never scare us like that again.

The perfect day of the week

Tuesday has become the perfect day of the week to go out on. It gives you something to look forward to when battling through Monday and is close enough to mid-week to not make you feel guilty about going out. Tuesday is cheaper than going out on Saturday and still just as glam so win-win all round.

The shots

The famous shot stick is your one way delicious ticket to drunkenness. Whether you liberally stick to six or go all out and get ten, the shot stick makes Revs Tuesdays what it is. Nothing says Revs for bevs more than a cream soda and white chocolate shot, washed down with a vodka and coke for good measure.


The company

Somehow ended up in Revs by yourself without mates? Course friends still stuck in the queue by RBS? No problem – everyone else you know is here too. You’re sure to bump into that guy you know from your seminar or your flatmate last year. Revs Tuesdays bring everyone together so you’re guaranteed a good night.

You’d be sure to see someone you knew

The music

You can’t beat the music on Revs Tuesdays; two massive, heaving dance floors of bangers and amazing DJs. Whether you fancy house or R&B, the venue has the right music to fit the bill (and it is tasteful, none of that cheesy crap).

The talent

Revs is notoriously known for having fit people grace its dance floors and Revs Tuesdays has never failed to live up to expectations. There is eye candy everywhere and not pulling is basically out of the question unless you are already shacked up or too drunk to care.

The glamour

Glamorous but never tacky, Tuesday is that one night that gives you an excuse to dress up. You abandoned your Nike trainers and high-waisted jeans and don a nice dress instead. It is a chance to wear your new highlight and impress your crush that sits near you in lectures.

Revs Tuesdays – we salute you.

Photo credit: Yony Photography