Every feminist stereotype you’re bound to come across on your journey to enlightenment

Good luck

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OK, so everybody knows what feminism is. It’s a spectrum, really. It’s a range of political movements and ideologies, that scope from extremist views to more liberal social movements. Whatever your stand point view on feminism is its indisputable that it has liberated woman and lead to a more equal society.

But more importantly, upon your journey of feminist enlightenment, it is more than likely you will bump into these following feminist stereotypes.

The stats feminist

This person has swallowed 135359180500 feminist books and wants you to know about it. During a conversation it is inevitable they will cram in as many stats as possible. Prepare yourself for a lot of “did you knows” and come away from the pub enlightened but exhausted.

Sorry cant come out tonight i have a book to read

The ‘I’m not a feminist, but…’ feminist

99 per cent of their sentences begin with “I’m not a feminist but..” followed by an argument in line with feminism. This is the type of person who says they are not a feminist but will quote Rupi Kaur on Instagram, and shares every Emma Watson post.  While they might not currently label themselves feminists (fools) it only takes a few discussions on gender bias for it to appear otherwise.

Yes, this is my Insta

The humanist feminist

Apparently feminism doesn’t cover men’s issues, but then when the majority of parliament are men, men’s issues just become society’s issues. There is much debate in the world of feminism over Equality and Equity. Equality is having exactly the same and Equity is been given differently in order to reach the same. This is normally illustrated using some boxes and a short and tall man.  During the discovery of feminism you will meet both the equality feminist and the equity feminist sometimes they will be under other names like Humanist.  Either way you will soon become tangled in lots of big words and labels, like a fly in a spiders web.

The ‘guy who shouts about being a feminist, just to get girls’ feminist

This is the guy who will claim he is a feminist but deep down its just a tactic to pull girls. Every now and then will throw in a fancy word such as ‘social construct’ just to impress which ever girl he is talking too, Which kind of defeats the whole point. Despite this stereotype men looking into feminism should always be encouraged, but come on lads you can do better than just throwing around a few fancy words.

Just chillin’ with ma bitches #youdontneedmakeupitsasocialconstruct

The ‘I’m offended by everything’ feminist

“Please can you stop breathing, it’s offensive” Jo has a septum piercing, a shit haircut and studies art history. Jo is vegan, and fucking loves avocados. In her spare time, Jo enjoys taking part in poetry slams and pretends to like Red Stripe. It’s great to see passionate feminists, however you do get some who make you feel that you have to watch every word you say for fear of offending them. We all make our own life choices and there’s nothing wrong with anything described above, but not everyone needs to be reminded of your life choices constantly, Jo. Give it a rest.

The fact this avacado isn’t ripe is offensive

That One Lecturer who is a feminist

They either belong in the Philosophy department or teach French lit and dress like a bohemian goddess. They have years of wisdom and won’t shy away from putting any fresher foolish enough to throw around a mildly pejorative terms in their place. This woman will become your idol and you will find your self stealing her phrases and attempting to give her ring collection a run for it’s money.

The incognito feminist

You have known this person for years, they are subtle yet powerful.  Many don’t know they harbour feminist views, then they will come out with the most beautifully crafted argument you have ever heard, which can shut down any pessimist.  Like a praying mantis, they poised and ready to strike at the most opportune moment.

Silent but deadly

The Facebook feminist

*Post picture of soup* #feminist. Nothing is posted without the #feminist whether it has relevance or not. This person is a keyboard warrior and will battle it out for hours in the comments section, so grab the popcorn and let the entertainment begin.

Essay or feminist debates on Facebook?  Feminist debate it is..

Finally, the feminist who can’t handle a satirical article:  This article was written light heartedly, and as someone who supports feminism and doesn’t take themselves too seriously, please don’t be too offended.  Sorry about the stereotypes.

Feminism as a whole is a positive movement, yes there are extremes and negative but is something that should be supported by men and woman. If you don’t know about it please look into it and start the conversation.  #starttheconvo.