Plans approved for 140 metre-long Student Centre on Park Place

Despite widespread criticism

Cardiff University’s plans for a massive new building on Park Place have been approved, despite backlash from a number of organisations and authorities.

The proposed Centre for Student Life will begin building next year, and be completed in time for the start of the 2018/19 academic year.

The 140 metre-long building sitting in between the Main Building and Students’ Union.

Students union

The decision to approve the construction has received criticism, due in part to the fact two Victorian buildings will have to be demolished in order to make way for the centre.

The Civic and Victorian Societies have strongly opposed the decision, as have Network Rail, who operate Cathays station adjacent to the approved site.

They are unhappy with plans to alter the land outside the centre’s site in order to create a new crossing, plant more trees and in fact narrowing to the Park Place road in order to build.


Fears that the building, which designers say will feature nods to the design of iconic buildings in the area like the National Museum, will be a threat to the character and aesthetic of Park Place.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Colin Riordan said: “This is a major investment in our students and their learning experience.

“Our students expect world-leading facilities and the Centre for Student Life will meet those high expectations.

“Our students and staff are not the only beneficiaries because this will be a landmark building for the people and city of Cardiff”.