Meet the Cardiff third year who was also on Ex On The Beach

She promises sex, fights, tears, and love

Maisie Gillespie was just like any other TNT-loving Journalism third year. That was, until she swapped rainy Cardiff for a sunny beach in an undisclosed location, and T&A kebabs for MTV. Now Maisie is due to appear on the new series of Ex on the Beach. The Tab caught up with her for a chat.

Hey Maisie, what made you apply for Ex on the Beach?

I was approached by the casting company on Facebook although I’d already seen a tweet about it and was keen. I finished the application and sent it through. When I finally realised I had got onto the show I was dead. Like, I wasn’t going to believe it until I was in that villa. It’s such an amazing thing to be accepted into. So many people apply, and I got it!


As a third year student how will you balance your coursework with all the publicity that’ll come when the show airs?

I want to carry on my course, but I know it’s going to be hard. I want to get the best degree I can. So if that means carrying this on next year then I am fine with that. I will get my degree at some point in my life, but if it doesn’t happen now, It will. I’ve put two years in. So why not finish?

How long were you with Alex Mytton for, and how did that end?

Alex Mytton and I is a touchy subject. It was a one night fling. We met on a night out and we got on and yeah…He’s a nice guy and he is really lovely. I guess shit just happens.

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At the end of the day all I can say is that this series is worth watching. It’s everything you want: sex, fights, tears, love.

When was it filmed, and how hard was it not letting people know?

Not telling people was the hardest, and people make assumptions. I missed Cardiff so for me to disappear was ridiculous – but it was all worth it.

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Have you kept in touch with any of the cast since?

Yes me and the cast members are tight. I’m sat with some of them right now!

All in all what was the whole experience like?

I had the best time. Yes there were tears, but I would do it over and over again. The whole thing was amazing. I was treated so well – where do I sign up for the next series??

Ex on the Beach starts January 17th 2017.