Big Brother are auditioning in Cardiff tomorrow

They’re looking for pairs

Big Brother are currently on a casting tour around the UK to look for housemates for its next series.

The tour will arrive in Cardiff on Friday 16th December.

Auditions will be held at Walkabout from 8pm and is said to last about two hours.


They are auditioning for pairs with “anyone you consider to be family” as the criteria for the duo.

The advertisement says: “If you think you’d make TV’s next dynamic duo and want the experience of a lifetime, then come on down and show us why you should be a Big Brother pair 2017…”

The show urges you to apply before going to the venue because they are not holding open auditions.

You can get in touch with the team or register by ringing 07889634019, e-mailing [email protected] or looking at the website at

Walkabout is giving 50% off drinks for the event.