Cardiff University targeted by scam email promising grants to students

It can access bank accounts without your submission of an application

A scam is being sent to university email addresses, claiming you have been selected for a grant of £1850 in reward for your studies.

The email is formatted in a similar style to the last scam which circulated in July, which similarly expected students to enter personal details such as their date of birth and student ID number.

One bank notified a Cardiff University student that someone used their account to book a £1200 holiday, despite them never completing or submitting details for the application form.


The Students Union issued a warning via Facebook

An email from the student concerned was forwarded by a lecturer to ENCAP, reading: “I opened the email and started filling it in.

“However, after seeing the amount of personal questions they asked, I decided to ring my bank and they advised me not to complete it.

“As a result of this I abandoned the application, however, as I had already filled some details in, my card had to be blocked after I was notified by the bank that someone tried to book a £1200 holiday on my account.

“I did not even submit the application, so I am guessing just clicking on the email is enough to cause some disruption.”