Cardiff’s Most Eligible Bachelorette: THE FINAL

Time to shine

After three heats and fourteen contestants, it’s come down to the final three.

Now it’s time for you to take action and decide. Based on their pure class and ability to make even the laddiest of boys swoon, have a look at the three most eligible bachelorettes in Cardiff.

Choose your winner wisely.

Sophie Thorbek


You voted for the Vice President and goalie of the ladies 1st lacrosse team. With the nickname ‘Boozy Legend’, Sophie enjoys getting with boys who have the same interests as her – in other words, hockey players. She is particularly good at arts and crafts, as made evident by her ability to apply glitter before a night on the lash.

Unfortunately she is single due to her tipsiness, as she usually doesn’t notice when someone’s coming onto her. She needs one lucky man to help tidy her constantly messy bedroom, and who will wait up for her after a classic twelve hour library stint the night before coursework deadlines.

Ella Theaker


You also voted for a trained lifeguard who loves cooking, tasting the finest of cuisines and getting her nips out on mountains.

This Philosophy and Politics second year has been dicked about by guys who do not realise the wonderful thing they have. At 5ft7 (approximately 6ft1 in heels), she needs a big burly man who likes good food, days out to art galleries, surfing and travelling the world. Could this be you?

Holly Morris


Holly likes to describe herself as ‘Cardiff’s #1 Social Butterfly’, as she dabbles with the Medical School, Uni Hockey Club and Astronomy Society.

You will usually find Holly in the SU, as made visible by her long limbs erupting as she frantically chases males around the SU – a mating ritual David Attenborough has described as ‘uncomfortable to watch’. As her 22nd birthday is approaching she has decided to give up the player life, as much as she loves the chase. Are you the flamboyant peacock who can convince Holly to exchange her love of the lash to a love of courtship?

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