Cardiff’s Most Eligible Bachelor: THE FINAL

Pick your winner

It really is the most wonderful time of the year, with Christmas just around the corner and, of course, getting to vote for Cardiff’s Most Eligible Bachelor.

So kick your feet up with a glass of mulled wine and some gingerbread scented candles from home bargains, then simply choose your winner.

These are the people you voted for.

Tom Hardman


You voted for Tom Hardman, the Biology second year who is part of the shit mixing society.

Tom knows what he wants when it comes to the ladies, specifically looking for passionate fans of David Guetta. With nicknames such as ‘DJ hard done by’, ‘DJ hard penis’ and ‘Bruno Marz’, what isn’t there to love?

Tom O’Flaherty


You also voted for a professional rugby player. Tom plays for The Ospreys and enjoys showing his sensitive side through music, being a keen player of the double bass.

Having spent a year studying and playing rugby in France, Tom has returned to Wales far more cultured than when he left. Yet there is still one thing missing in his life – l’amour. Currently he is filling his lonely existence with music and sport, but doesn’t this make him all the more eligible?

Harry Smallman


This chemistry fanatic enjoys rowing and third wheeling.

Due to losing only 75% of his virginity, Harry is quite intimidated by girls. As a result, he feels rather lonely as he wants that special someone he can spend hundreds of pounds worth in dinners for.

Chris Blenkharn


Chris is a 22-year-old Medicine student and a keen rower. As soon as you put a beer in this man he becomes a different animal – rowdy, courageous and throws some mental shapes.

Chris has been single for over a year now, mainly because of his dedication to training and his degree. According to his nominees, he is quite simply dying to have a woman in his life. Could it be you?

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