Cardiff’s most eligible bachelorette: Final heat

Give it up for the last three

Cardiff’s Most Eligible Bachelorette competition is coming to a close, so make sure to cast your final vote for one of these spiffing nominees.

Holly Morris


21 year old Holly  likes to describe herself as ‘Cardiff’s #1 Social Butterfly’ as she dabbles with the Medical School, Uni Hockey Club and Astronomy Society. Also known as ‘Hockey Mars’, you can usually see her long limbs erupting as she frantically chases males around the SU – a mating ritual David Attenborough has described as ‘uncomfortable to watch’. As her 22nd birthday is approaching she has decided to give up the player life, as much as she loves the chase. For any guy interested, it usually takes about a glass of red wine to get her interested.

Neave Finnan


Neave studies Archaeology and loves a good bone. Pryzm is her life – her second home. She loves the Sesh and necks shots all night, but now she’s looking for a real man to hold her tight. She does cook but never cleans, and needs a man who will treat her like a Queen. This 20 year old is super mature, drop her a line if you wanna hear more.

Meg Manganaro


Meg is a third year Law student who is a huge fan of VKs. She loves a night out in YOLO and Glam Monday plus is always up for a bit of fun. Having been a part of the team for over a year, she has always been keen to Give anything a Go. She is a keen baker and will make you lovely food and cakes to keep you going for centuries, although taking selfies is her favourite hobby. A wonderful friend, uncanny banter and her being the sassiest gal in Cardiff makes her the most eligible bachelorette in town. If she calls you bae, you’ve made it.

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