Why Taly South is better, by a Taly Norther

We’re all thinking it.

When looking through uni residences, it’s likely you made a little list of what you’re looking for. The Talybont complex is ideal, you can watch all the sport fixtures in the social centre, and if you ever act on that decade old New Year’s resolution, you can start going to the gym there too, even if it’s not likely.

If you ignore the 25 minute walk to some of the academic buildings, you can’t fault it.

Taly South being quiet before the storm.

Taly South’s quiet before the storm.

Okay, so it’s obvious Taly Court and Gate are out of your league; they’re undoubtedly the most luxurious of the whole complex. The newly fitted kitchens and communal areas make it cost a pretty penny, and you know you can’t afford either considering how little money you saved for uni.

Creamfields was definitely worth it, though. So you put Taly North and South as your top two. And when you get accepted at North, you think “Brilliant. I don’t think there’s much difference anyway.” Wrong.

Taly North is like the little sister to South, trying to be just like it but never quite being in the same league. Here are some of the reasons South comes out on top in the battle of the Talys.

Their lack of shame

On tame nights like Mondays you can spot someone running around South completely stark naked, followed by a guy in a nun’s outfit amongst some other strange creations.


You see, this is typical behaviour in South, whereas in North it’s a bit more conservative, and the craziest you get is the odd trolley in your hall or a drunk guy shouting ‘ALAAAN’ closely followed by a ‘STEEEVE’.

Groundbreaking banter.

The atmosphere

People in South are a lot more vocal. Their preferred method of communication is shouting out of windows to each other. North, however, only really makes any noise on a Wednesday or on the weekend… and that’s in moderation.

Were you even at pres if you didn't take pics in your hallway???

Loving life at Taly South pres

Much better vibes

Taly South is like the girl your boyfriend told you not to worry about.

It’s fun, known for it’s parties and always a good time. Walking through South is like tuning into a radio roaring noises of different genres, and you can guarantee there’s a flat blaring ‘Feed em to the lions’ gone 3am, which always gets you pumped.


In North however, the only audible noise being made is by the train that passes by every hour or so or by the netball being tossed about on the courts.

South rules the sesh

Typical pres

Typical pres

Pres are undoubtedly dominated by South. If you’ve made it through pres you clearly haven’t done it right. You keep picking up 3’s in Ring of Fire and are have shamefully downed uncountable shots during Never Have I Ever; your flatmates know you aren’t making it to Revs tonight. But they drag you there anyway, because people from South are fun.

'M' for Mothership.

‘M’ for Mothership.

But all things considered, Taly North is closer to Maccies and KFC for those drunk food cravings, so there are some major downfalls.