An interview with the Cardiff Rugby Club Chairman about their ban

They want to commit to charity work around Cardiff to improve their reputation

Recently it was announced that Cardiff University’s Men’s Rugby Club would be banned from SU premises for the rest of the semester.

The ban was caused by complaints about the clubs so the University’s Athletic Union took action.

However the club is eager to prove that this behaviour is not the image they want to be presenting.

We spoke to the Chairman of the rugby club, Chris Williams, about the severity of the ban and how they are set to improve their reputation and redeem themselves.

Hi Chris. What caused the ban to take place?

Following a recent complaint received from a member of the public, the Athletic Union met with the Cardiff University Rugby Club committee. At this meeting, the Rugby Club provided several suggestions to respond to this and other past complaints.


What are the full conditions of the ban?

Both the Athletic Union and the club agreed on a set of actions. These include restrictions on social activity for two weeks. There is also a restriction on training facilities for one week.

We are planning many proactive initiatives to demonstrate the clubs’ and members’ commitment to changing behaviours and improving the perception of the club, which have been put in place by the committee and management team.

How are you willing to redeem yourself in the eyes of the Union?

After several positive meetings with the Athletic Union, they are pleased with our suggested outcomes and the ways that we are making efforts to change our behaviour and reputation.


And how will you do that?

As a committee and a management group we are determined to create a culture of humility and to develop the players – not only within sport but also with life skills.

We have been working on several initiatives both within the AU and externally. We are planning on working in the local community, including the ‘Clean up Cathays’ initiative and the university estates department.

What charity work will you be doing?

The rugby club are planning to work with Cardiff University Sport to improve and maintain the facilities. For example, we will be painting the changing rooms at Llanrumney.

We have also started a relationship with a Charitable organisation and are planning to raise money through joint fundraisers with them.


Whilst this incident is not ideal, the committee believe that it can be a starting place to change the perception of the Rugby Club whilst also providing rewarding experiences for all our members.

The SU have been asked to comment, but there is currently no response.