These second years had a house party to mourn their dead fish

The event was called “Niggles’ Wake”

A sad event has caused a house of second years to throw a house party. The death of their fish, Niggles.

The house of eight hosted the wake on the 15th of November, where turned up to honour the death of the fish.

The fish, named Niggles, died on 1st of November due to lack of food.

The proclaimed biological mother said to The Tab: “He was like a real human son. I feel really bad for forgetting to feed him now. R.I.P”

Proclaimed biological father Jeff Bunney, and step-father Connor Hitchcock, were too emotional to comment.

Every one who attended was asked to wear black to honour the death of beloved Niggles, who had been a part of the Flora Street’s family for 3 weeks.

The Facebook event explained the night was, “basically a massive sesh in his honour where we can talk about the fond memories we shared with him.”

The party included listening to a lot of old school emo music in Niggles’ honour, including The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance, which was his favourite song.

There was also a camp fire in the back garden to honour him, and during the event he was flushed down the toilet in a majestic ceremony.


The 2nd year Journalism student said, “We had the party because we fancied a sesh and thought it would be a good excuse. We try to have cool themes for our party.

“It was very successful. We could see people cared and it was obvious that Niggles touched many hearts.”