What Brecon High School actually teaches you

Good luck organising the Sixth Form ball

If you ask the people of Brecon what they thought of BHS you’d be flooded with a variety of different opinions. Some would describe it as a “bit of a joke” whilst the Brecon old age pensioners, who most likely went to the school themselves, would only have positive things to say.

Only the students who’ve attended the school truly know what it means to be a part of Brecon High, and there are a number of key aspects to the school which only the pupils will understand.


The god-awful Sixth Form assemblies

On the day of Children in Need it’s up to the Sixth Form to put on an assembly for the entire school. This normally involves a poorly constructed sketch of some sort where the Sixth Form will be dressed in costumes entering the hall dancing and singing, spraying the younger kids with silly string. It is fair to say that every single year the quality of these assembly’s decline.

Despite the complete failure of the assembly, there are still good intentions to raise money for Children in Need, as later the pupils get to watch their favourite teachers get their legs waxed, have sponges thrown at them, making Children in Need one of the best days in the BHS calendar.


The classic Brecon High Eisteddfod

Every year at the beginning of March the school will host an Eisteddfod. For BHS, the Eisteddfod is a time to celebrate the fact that we’re Welsh, but also to beat our peers from different houses, in a number of competitions. From bad baking experiments, to individual rendition’s of classic pop songs, to a Haka competition, the Eisteddfod day is a great day for friendly competition.

The rivalry with the private school

As a member of Brecon High School it is an unspoken understanding that there will always be a divide between ourselves and the private school down the road. From Yik Yak wars to intense rugby show downs, the rivalry is always apparent.

The staff

When initially joining Brecon High School the staff are scary, intimidating adults who you avoid eye contact with, but by the time Sixth Form rolls about the staff become friends. Within Brecon High there are a number of different teachers with big personalities, making school life that little bit more entertaining. The PE teacher who is everyone’s best friend and a bit of a lad, the ex-cage fighting Welsh teacher, our previous bouncer headmaster, the football hooligan history teacher and the coolest librarian you’ll ever meet. And of course ,the legendary dinner ladies, who’d always give some extra roast potatoes on roast dinner day.

The struggle to find any venue to host the Sixth Form ball

By the time December hits and the Sixth Form attempt to plan their Christmas ball, they always face the same issue: no venue in the area want to host Brecon High. The previous students of BHS ruin the next year’s chances to have the ball in fancy local hotels, due to their previous debaucherous actions. From breaking windows, to falling down stairs, to getting kicked out of venues as early as 9pm, we can’t really blame local venues for turning us down.


The Sixth Form rule the school

Another unspoken fact within BHS is that the Sixth Form rule the school. When the glorious moment of moving from middle school up to Year 12 comes around, it is only right that the members of Sixth Form are treated with respect by their younger peers. They’re first in the dinner queue, they’re able to leave school for a pointless roadie without question, and most importantly they can show up late to classes and no one will mind.