House fire temporarily closed Whitchurch Road

The main road was closed in both directions on Friday

A house fire caused the closing of Whitchurch Road on Friday 4th November, stopping traffic in both directions.

Three fire crews attended the scene, which occurred between the Heath Hotel and Crown Way.

No apparent injuries took place

No apparent injuries took place

The incident was attended to by South Wales Police, who investigated the building and checked for injuries.

A tenant from the first floor was rescued promptly by the emergency services.

It is believed he suffered no serious injuries, but as precaution was admitted to the University Hospital of Wales.

South Wales Police searched for any other dangers in the property and decided to reopen the road sitting between Allensbank Road and Crown Way.

The house fire initially caused severe traffic delays due to the closing of the road followed by the attendance of three fire crews arriving at the scene.

The source of the fire is unknown but no serious casualties occurred due to the efficiency of the emergency rescue services.