We dressed up like girls do for Halloween

When you bring out your inner diva…

Halloween is a fun time for everyone because we can dress up as someone we’re not. For these boys, though, they decided to dress up like girls too, skirts and all.

This is what they looked like, and why they decided to do it.

Aiden, 20, Computer Science – Harley Quinn


Tongue out for the lads

“I had a piece of coursework due in on Monday and I managed to get a good 5 hours of procrastination in making this. I also wanted to show off my Suicide Quads.”

Yusuf, 19, History and Economics – Cat


“I thought girls always get to dress up as cats, and I look hot, so I thought I’d give it a go. Meow.”

Justin, Albert, Tom, and Callum


“A couple of us decided we’d dress up like girls as a bit of a laugh. It makes a change from the standard ripped bloody t-shirt that most people wear as well.”

Pete Bowan – Nun


“It’s funny isn’t it?”

James Goodwin, Mechanical Engineering – Snow White



“Please don’t rinse me.”