Why doesn’t Cardiff’s SU have more female toilets?


We’ve all been there, haven’t we? It’s a Wednesday or Saturday night, you’re sipping VK and dancing away to your heart’s content when all of a sudden it’s that time again. You broke the seal about an hour ago during pres, and with another three drinks in your system that urge hits you again like a brick wall. You have approximately one minute to get to the toilet before it’s too late.

Unfortunately that’s not the case in Cardiff’s SU, you need to hold your bladder back for at least half an hour until you are finally able to lock yourself away into the haven that is a toilet cubicle. That is unless the door lock is broken, of course.

There needs to be more female toilets in the Union, and there is no argument or justification as to why they are not being added right this minute. Girls must spend at least half their night waiting at these toilets, putting up with queue jumpers and girls who ‘need to be sick’ or ‘check their makeup in the mirror’ as they shove through the crowd.

And don’t forget about the rowdy girls getting charged with more and more fury as they hear their favourite songs from the very distant dance floor.



When we finally reach our final destination, we remain there forever. But you can’t really blame us considering we’ve had to wait so fucking long.

The toilet is like a sanctuary for girls. It is only here where we can make our friends for the night, have a quick break from dancing and recover from alcohol spills and outfit malfunctions. Here we give other girls pep talks about the guys they are seeing, and here we rely on other girls to give us endless compliments on our outfits.

In a nutshell we need time in the toilet, which inevitably means a queue builds up. That £30 playsuit needs love and care when being taken off.

Once you’ve actually been to the toilet, reapplied make up, taken some selfies, and had that drunk heart-to-heart with at least three people, that’s half an hour gone. No wonder the queue nearly stretches into the main room of Y Plas. What is the solution? Get more toilets.

Sarah Williamson, a second year who studies History and Politics, said: You need to start queuing before you actually need the toilet to make sure you don’t wet yourself.”

Molly Marshall, a second year who studies Physiotherapy, said: The queues for the toilets on the far side are so bad they block the way into Y Plas.


Took about half an hour to take tho

They’re not even fully functional. The worst thing in the world is sitting down in a cubicle to find the lock doesn’t fasten or the bowl is filled to the brim with someone else’s sick. Two hours into the night and already three or four cubicles cannot be used until someone shows up and rescues them the morning after.

The only staff around are the security guards stopping you from sneaking into the males toilets. But they don’t have a queue. Males just walk in and out of the toilet without a care in the world. If the Students’ Union can’t afford new toilets, can’t we at least have some of the male ones?

I’m sick of seeing the boys waltz in without a care in the world, whilst giving a smug look of satisfaction to the poor girls waiting impatiently for their chance to take a fucking piss.

Pull your act together Cardiff University Students’ Union, you know as well as all of us how stressful your events are purely because of female toilet issues.

We’d really appreciate it.