Who will be crowned the Best Takeaway in Cardiff?

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No Cardiff night is complete without ending up in a kebabby or chippy. These late night palaces, killers of the drunken munchies, light up the very fire in our tummies. They don’t just inspire joy. They inspire loyalty. So which is your favourite?

Family Fish Bar


Cops love it

Family Fish go that extra mile to make you feel welcome. The wall of infamous drunken photos and beautifully friendly staff are the only things capable of overshadowing their classic battered menu. Generous portions of chips, creamy curry sauce, crispy cod, and a battered sausage for the ages will be the only things you want to take home after a drunken night.

T&A Kebabs 


Their garlic mayo is out of this world. As you crawl home from the SU you stumble across a golden lit window with seating galore. With team members clad in red this is one of the busiest kebabbies in town. And boy do they know how to cook that meat tender so the juices just flow. Combined with crisp fresh salad, pitta, and chips, you walk away having accomplished your drunken state and some fine food.

Chicken Cottage


Why God why

If there was a heaven and God loved fried chicken, this is how it would be designed. Like gold but tastier – Chicken Cottage relinquishes your poultry desires. Whether it’s a delicious wrap, laced with garlic mayo and lettuce, a burger fried to perfection, or just the classic fried chicken. You will always find something to your liking at the cottage.

Woodville Fish Bar



Located at the end of both Woodville Road and Flora street, this exquisite and glorious batter-filled paradise provides the perfect location for your late night eating antics. Food is served fast, allowing you to beat those early morning queues on the infamous Salisbury Road.

Chicago Bulls


Dab for the tab

Not only the best basketball team in ‘Murica, but also home to the most amazing Jalapeno Bites in town. As your bite through the crispy bread crumb surface your tongue is masked in a joyous mozzarella with the touch of spice from that bite in the middle. Owned by a sweet couple they always make you feel at home as you smell those detectable chips cooking in the background.




Mama’s offers quality, variety and value. From the McDonald’s style fries to the cheap and cheerful freshly cooked pizza, or the supremely cheesy garlic bread, there’s something for everyone. The seating gets you through those long drunken waits, and if you can squeeze into the toilet it can offer your bladder much needed relief.



Located on Cathays Terrace, Khan’s lights up your life like no one else can. Fish is caught from the King of the Sea himself and stays open till 11pm on Sundays for that fix to the pre-week blues. You can gorge yourself on a battered sausage that fills that hole, big or small. This joint satisfies anyone looking for foods 7 days a week. Their pies are pretty good too…

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