Cardiff SU’s Full Moon Party has been postponed

It’s been rescheduled for the 14th of November

Last month the SU revealed that they would be hosting monthly Full Moon parties, with the first one scheduled to take place this Sunday, on the 16th of October.

However, they revealed today that it will be postponed until the 14th of November due to “health and safety reasons.”


The first Full Moon party, which would be held in Y Plas, offered prizes for those who could last until 6am, such as a free t-shirt and breakfast in the Taf for survivors.

It has been said the re-scheduled party promises “UV lights and paint cannons” as well as “VK at a discounted rate.”


In their satirical announcement, they posted:

“Little did we realise that you weren’t ready for the mayhem! Fearing they can’t make it through the night, we overestimated Cardiff Uni students’ survival instinct.  Distressed individuals have voiced concern over werewolves, freak tidal waves and increased occurrence of dog attacks (did you know that between 1997-1999 1,621 reports were filed about increased aggression in farm dogs?!)

We have listened to your concerns! Further astrological research studies have informed us that it is actually bad luck when the full moon falls on a Sunday. Apologies for the lack of research on our behalf – having consulted various experts within this field we can only advise that you lock yourselves in and stock up on cupboard essentials, including bottled water, bread and long-life milk.”