Introducing Juice: Cardiff Union’s Saturday Night

Let’s get Juicy

Saturday night at the Students’ Union is back with a vengeance. Hosting new DJs and drink offers – Juice supplies that festival feeling and a sweet weekend.

The Union has hit back with a banger and its time to get loose at Juice:

Shuffle those creps

Hitting up the different rooms is paramount to having a euphoric night. Cracking old school vibes and classic RnB in the Side Room. The Main Room is perfectly balanced with smooth re-mixes, tunes to grind on, and a cocktail of music for everyone.


Shuffling and shuffling

Vodka-Juices are cheaper 

Vitamins plus a double shot = yum.

Double’s are only £3 damage which basically saves you a Sambucca in the budget, so you might as well get that too, go all out, and then do it all again, and have an extra Juicy night.

Juice is sexier than Flux

From promoters with ‘Juice’ branded on their chests, to getting squeezed on a Saturday night. Your weekend just got a whole lot sexier – and you know you like it. Gin and Juice flowed all night and you can’t stop thinking about it, you’re day dreaming in lectures – and you’re buzzing to do it all again next weekend.

In all honesty Flux can get fucked and can’t hold a candle to the electricity of  Juice.


Everyone is lit

Best part of the SU? There’s no fear of chatting up a lad or lass for half the night to then ask what they study, and shock-horror: they never even went to uni. Quickly you dash back to your friends who’ve gone because the club wasn’t on their rowdy, shot-loving level.

Y Plas will never have this problem. We all know everyone at the Union throw the best parties in safe knowledge that they’re with their own kind. Animals.



The night is pimped

Your night is elated with smooth as fuck transitions and you’re lost in the tunes as you move. The technics have been pimped and there’s a hot new DJ who has played some of the UK’s top festivals and brings all those skills to the Union.

The sound system is fit for a festival as the bass vibes through you. You’ll be snapping photos on the night ‘you didn’t know Y Plas could be so good’, and those lights give you the perfect LooseAtJuice shots – whilst shining in your memories as one of the best sets you’ve ever seen.

Festival feels

The whole night rings of that festival feeling you crave during term time.

Decor is on point as you’re dashed in glitter, paint, glow-bands and everything you’ll ever need. From the bass, to the people, to the drinks, to the music,  everyone’s loving the night – apart from that one person who had one drink, two drink, three drink, four, had a Juice too many and is laying on the floor.

It’s an event you’ve got to look forward to – and on the down-low Juice is setting the stage with spanking guest DJs throughout the term. And they’re not people you’re going to want to miss.

See you there.

Photo Credits: Juice