Have a look at The Dead Canary, Cardiff’s secret cocktail bar

This speakeasy will take you back decades

Tucked away in the corner of Barrack Lane, in the heart of Cardiff’s city center, there is a door labelled Fire exit: Keep clear. Naturally the reaction here is to continue walking, it is nothing but a backstreet anyway. Yet if you actually stop and look properly, above the door is an empty bird cage and to the side a golden feather is printed onto the wall. Welcome to the Dead Canary.


Despite only a handful of Cardiff citizens knowing about the secret bar located near St. Davids, it is a very popular venue hosting cocktail masterclasses, events, and live music. A reservation is crucial.

To get inside the doorbell on the right hand side of the door must be rung, and a member of the team will then come to greet you and escort you into the depths of the bar and to your seat. From this point you are taken back in time to an era of jazz music, prohibited alcohol consumption and extravagant cocktails. The entire bar is illuminated by candle light, and the walls are covered in 1920’s-style black and white photographs, giving drinkers glimpses of history and insight about when these bars were most popular.


The cocktails are a little more pricey in comparison to your standard night out in Spoons, but the quality and combinations of the ingredients gives it complete justification. Forget the classic cocktail range and feast your eyes upon liqueurs that are mixed with green tea, egg whites, chocolate, fruit, and ice cream. Every cocktail is personalised with its own descriptive name:  ‘Neapolitan’, ‘Pineapple Express’, ‘Coco Chanel’, and the quirky liqueur combos leave you tipsy and wanting more.


The speakeasy is open Tuesday and Wednesday 5pm until midnight, and Thursday to Sunday 5pm-3am. For any further details and information on bookings, click here.