Cardiff students drink some of the cheapest wine in the country

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After a long week of uni there’s nothing better than going into your local and finding out that your uni sells the cheapest bottle of wine in the country. But that’s what you get when you go to uni in Cardiff. This is vital knowledge when getting ready for a dirty night out at Pryzm even if you don’t want to admit it – getting more for your money is what we’re good at.

Good news then, that here in Cardiff the cost of a bottle of wine is on average the second cheapest in the UK., an online discount site, has created a University Price Index to help students to see if their university gives them value for money when buying a pint of beer.

The cheapest bottles are sold at Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores at £5.50 with Cardiff a close second at £5.75. This is well below the average price of a bottle at these different universities which is £6.93. Kings, UWE, Bristol and UCL of course offer the most expensive bottle of wine at £8.00 further highlighting how the Wales really is better than the rest.

This is the full table:

Birmingham – £7.00

Bristol – £8.00

Cardiff – £5.75

Edinburgh – £7.00

Exeter – £6.50

Glasgow – £7.00

John Moores – £5.50

Kent – £6.00

King’s – £8.00

Leeds – £6.00

Liverpool – £5.50

Manchester – £7.00

Newcastle – £7.00

Northumbria – £7.00

Nottingham – £7.25

Oxford – £7.00

Plymouth – £7.49

Sheffield – £6.83

Southampton – £7.25

Strathclyde – £7.00

Trent – £7.25

UCL – £8.00

UCLan – £7.00

UWE – £8.00

Warwick – £7.00