St David’s Victoria’s Secret store is going to open within two weeks

It will open on Wednesday 28th September

Victoria’s Secret and Victoria’s Secret PINK will be opening within the next two weeks in St. David’s. 

The official opening date for the lingerie retailer is Wednesday 28th September at 9.30am.

The 10,000 square foot store is replacing the previous H&M unit.


Victoria’s Secret PINK Campus Representatives Lauren and Annie, attending a brand training day

Victoria’s Secret PINK is targeted for the independent and inspired collegiate girl, whilst VS PINK offers a variety of bras, pants, accessories, lounge wear, beauty products and fragrances.

Second year PINK Campus Representative, Lauren Gravell, who studies Sociology, Media and Journalism at Cardiff University, said: “Throughout the semester we will be linking up with the PINK store to hold events at Cardiff University.

“We will be holding events, competitions and give-aways, so be sure to follow us on social media for all the latest information.”

Third year PINK Campus Representative, Annie Lewis, who studies Psychology, said: “Look out for us around campus and come and say hi, we look forward to meeting you all.”

To find out more about Cardiff’s Victoria’s Secret store, you can follow Lauren and Annie on Twitter @vspinkuoc or click here.