The Official Guide to Cardiff Freshers 2016


Events, wristbands, festivals, it can all be a bit overwhelming, so we’ve decided to create an easy guide for you incoming freshers to help you figure out what you need to buy ASAP, what can wait til the last minute, and what is simply worth avoiding.

Having received your results today (congrats for getting into Cardiff you brainiacs) a lot of you may be panicking over which events are actually worth going to, and which ones are just promising a good night, but won’t deliver.

We here at The Tab are a mix of 2nd and 3rd year Cardiff students, and we’re offering our own personal opinions to help you decide.

Freshers week bands

Ah, the bands. If you’re a member of any Cardiff freshers group then you will have without a doubt come across someone promoting “the best band” at some point in the past couple of weeks.

The main pro of buying a band is that once you have one, freshers is sorted for you. Yes, it’ll save you money, but the main thing is that you’re not going to have to worry about queuing to try and get to the limited amount of tickets the clubs have left, just to be rejected when you get to the front as they’ve run out..

CUSU band


There is only one ‘official’ Cardiff University wristband, and it can only be purchased from the University’s Student Union.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that this is the best option for everyone. The SU band does restrict you to only attending events held at the Student’s Union. They promise “entry to all 15 club nights and warm-up events” – but they’re all the same exact place. And it isn’t cheap either. At £45 for the standard band that doesn’t include the ball, and then £20 on top for the ball ticket, it’s pretty pricey. CLICK HERE FOR STUDENT UNION BAND

Pryzm band


This year, superclub Pryzm have decided to bring out their own band. 10 days of events at their club. Yes, Pryzm can be a good night every now and again, but if we’re honest, getting a band for 10 solid days of events at one club is such a waste of money, never mind how cheap it is. You’re better off just queuing at the door on the night if you’re interested in a particular night because this band will not sell out in its hundreds. Trust us. CLICK HERE FOR PRYZM BAND

The Cardiff Freshers Fortnight Wristband (Paper Parties)

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There are multiple other bands available but one of the best and most varied in terms of events is the Cardiff Fresher band by Paper Parties. They’ve had massive nights every year (last year consisted of a rooftop BBQ and a street carnival amongst others), and this year is no exception. With events such as a Ministry of Sound Paint Party, Back to the 90s night, and a 16th century Renaissance Europe themed masquerade ball- you won’t be disappointed. And unlike the Student’s Union and Pryzm band, the Paper band grants you entry to a massive variety of clubs all over Cardiff, so you’re able to get a taste of which clubs you really like, and those which you may not as much. Last year they had insane acts such as Disciples and Tough Love performing, and had Lucy Watson and Oliver Proudlock hosting some nights too! CLICK HERE FOR PAPER PARTIES BAND

Individual events

Inside Out Festival

24th of September is when Inside Out comes to Cardiff. Tinie Tempah, Chase & Status and Wiley are only some of the acts that will gracing Bute Park with their presence. Tickets are cheap as chips for what it is; this is definitely something we urge you get tickets for ASAP as they’ll be sold out very soon! CLICK HERE FOR INSIDE OUT FESTIVAL


“The Big Freshers Icebreaker”

Nowhere near as good as it’s made out to be, the footage from the videos aren’t from Cardiff, don’t fall into the trap. TICKETS HERE (but we advise against it)

Club MTV Swansea 

Yes, it may not be in Cardiff itself, but this MASSIVE event is available as a bolt-on to the The Cardiff Freshers Fortnight Wristband! The line up consists of Professor Green, Redlight, Sigma, Nero, Rewire/Varski and Jonas Blue, and the £20-odd pound optional bolt on includes transport to the venue from Cardiff! This is definitely one to consider! TICKETS HERE