Cardiff students have the third cheapest rent in the UK

It comes from a new national survey of the most cost-effective university cities

Cardiff students have the third cheapest rent in the UK, according to new findings. Our rent comes in at just £81.47 a week, well below the national average of £109.

We were narrowly beaten by Manchester and Belfast which came in second and first place respectively at £76.48 and £73.81 a week.

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On the other end of the scale, Oxford student houses were the priciest, with rent prices in the historic city coming in at £135.48 a week – nearly twice what we pay. Cambridge followed close second £131.48 a week.

The findings came from Natwest’s Student Living Index, which profiled the most cost effective cities for students in the UK and ranked Cardiff in the top 10 at 6th most cost effective.

The index also found that Manchester students, again alongside Belfast, are most likely to top up their cheap rent with part time jobs, leaving them less time for hobbies and socialising. Cardiff students on the other hand, work the third least part time hours – just after UEA and Cambridge.