Cardiff pays tribute to Orlando shootings

Flags are flying at half mast across the city and there will be a vigil tonight at 7.30pm

Following the ‘deadliest mass shooting in US history’ Cardiff show solidarity with a vigil tonight at 7.30pm

After the tragedy of the Orlando shooting Rainbow pride flags are being flown at half mast across the city in a display of respect and honour for the victims.

Council leader, Phil Bale said: “I am deeply saddened by this tragic event in Orlando. This needless act of terrorism and extremism, which targeted the LGBT community, is an affront to our society.

“The City Council will fly the rainbow flag at half mast at City Hall and the Wales flag will fly at half mast at the castle, the Mansion House and County Hall. We do this in remembrance of those innocent people who have needlessly lost their lives and to show our support for the LGBT community and our despair at fanaticism of this sort.”

Louise Thomas, chair of Pride Cymru said: “Our thoughts are with all of the victims and their friends and family involved in the terrifying events that has happened in Orlando.

“Some people ask why we still need Pride. Devastating events like this in the world and further acts of terrorism and hatred is one of the many reasons why a positive stance such as Pride still matters.

“Please join us in support of the LGBT+ community. We will proudly unite outside the Senedd and join many others across the UK and we will show love wins as we come together in global solidarity. We shall not live in fear.”