The Royal Welsh College are putting on a concert festival

It’s running from Monday 6th and throughout June

The Royal Welsh College are performing between Monday and Friday

This term the organisers of the event and The Tab Cardiff have collaborated as we send a reporter to the concert on their X-fest hangover. To keep you updated with the week’s events here’s a rundown of each performance:

Every term Repertoire by Entrepreneurial Performers Company fund a week-long celebration of the college’s talent. Students of the arts school put on a display of their best work which is designed to give those involved an inside look on running a real life business.


The last concert ran in February

Monday 6th June 7.45pm

Linus Fenton Quintet

The group’s founder, bass guitarist Linus Fenton, has already had success touring the UK with Isle of Wight Festival and Radio 2: Live in Hyde Park, as well as being the regular bassist for Cardiff acts Ward Thomas and Hannah Grace. Linus now writes for and performs with Norman Willmore, Joe Shrimpling, Freddie Willets and Matt Griffiths in the Linus Fenton Quintet, generating a lively combination of rock/pop melodies and jazz-inspired rhythms.

Tuesday 7th June 1.15pm

Flash Contemporary

Composition duo Daniel Parsons and Luciano Williamson are using the REPCo showcase to premiere four all-new pieces, while setting the stage for soloists such as Stanley Kaye-Smith on bassoon and Andrew Martin with the flute. Described as “cutting edge” and full of life, Flash Contemporary is perfect for the listener who’s up for breaking the rules.

Tuesday 7th June 7.00pm

Quartet For The End of Time

The Messy Anne players use the platform of chamber music to take you on a journey through the sombre tragedy of the prison camps of World War II. Definitely an experience not to be missed, this performance marks the second concert in their ongoing UK tour.

Tuesday 7th June 8.00pm

Collective 31 – Illuminations

A seamless collaboration of cutting-edge lighting and modern sound, Illuminations is set to be an evening to remember. The audio-visual combinations are designed to create an immersive surround-sound experience for all ages.


The next concert will run in the first week of November

Wednesday 8th June 7.45pm

Jazz in Classics – Ravel and Shostakovich

Pianist Minjung Ju and conductor Tinayi Lu set out to breathe new life into beloved jazz classics through an impressive orchestral medium, first with Ravel’s Piano Concerto in G Major and finally with Shostakovich’s Jazz Suites.

Thursday 9th June 7.15pm

Opera Double Bill: Bernstein and Furber

This double bill of newly-commissioned material sets to present Bernstein’s “Trouble In Tahiti”, a jazzy yet timeless operatic tale of a dysfunctional couple’s family spat. The show will also feature Lewis Furber’s “Freaks”, giving a hilarious insight into the unexpected midlife crisis of a modern British couple.

Thursday 9th June 7pm

Acacella Cello Orchestra

This free event gives visitors a chance to grab a drink and a conversation in the foyer while enjoying the musical talents of the college’s resident cello orchestra, Acacella. While the performances are scheduled between lunchtime and evening concerts, all audiences are welcome to drop by and appreciate the mellow tunes.

Thursday 9th June 7.30pm

Symphonic Stories

Inspired by legends and fairytales and serene national imagery, let the REPCo Sinfonia lead you an epic program of symphonic tone poems, transporting you to gorgeous coastal landscapes and across the infamous Scottish highlands. An atmospheric lighting design and narration throughout make this a great event for complete newcomers of all ages to classical music.

Friday 10th June 7.30pm

Orchestra Caritas

Prepare yourself for an operatic event of soaring highs and heart-wrenching lows, and all in aid of Arthritis Research UK. Featuring Gail Pearson, Kathryn Harries, Adrian Thompson and Eric Roberts and lead soloists, the night will also play host to Nick Whiting, Associate Leader of the BBC National Orchestra of Wales.


We spoke to the student organiser Andrew Martin:

‘REPCo is such a fantastic and exciting week in college and this has been no exception. The amount of creativity and entrepreneurial skill that we’ve seen is incredible. The best thing about REPCo is that it is the students themselves organising events and inspiring other people to do the same. It is a real platform to show people what we students are capable of given the opportunity.’

Tickets are still available at box office either on the door, or if you are organised enough online at or by calling 029 2039 1391